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The real reason you won’t be seeing the planeur at your next housewarming party

A new model boat decorated with hundreds of gold and silver coins has caused an outcry on social media.

The model was designed to show off the Australian dollar, and it even features a “gold” coin with a white stripe across it.

But the boat was designed with a silver coin, which is actually the reverse of the coin, and instead of a white line it has a red one.

It’s been shared thousands of times on social networks and is a major disappointment for those who wanted to see it.

“It’s not really a boat, it’s a car,” said one user on the Instagram page for the boat.

“You can actually see that the car was painted silver.”

The boat was also painted with a gold coin, but this one is much less expensive, with $1,200 being the average price paid for a silver one.

The silver coin was sold by the same company which sold the boat to the public.


‘Glamorous’ model home gets the ‘beauty fix’

A gorgeous home in Australia that is not quite so glamorous has won the Gold Label Design Award for the best decorator home. 

The $20 million home in Sydney’s north-west has been named the ‘best decoration model home’ by the Australian Design Institute (ADI).

The home was designed by Sydney architect Roberta O’Sullivan and is a customised home built by architect and builder Daniel Williams, who designed the home in partnership with his wife, who also worked as an interior designer.

The home’s design incorporates a natural environment and is designed to blend in with the surrounding property.

It is the first time an Australian designer has won a Gold Label Award for a home, said ADI’s deputy director, David Ruggles.

The design also includes the addition of a private garden and indoor swimming pool.

The house is set back from the street and is located at a quiet residential neighbourhood near a church, and the house is situated on a private land owned by the couple.

It has been designed to be a simple home that doesn’t require a lot of work.

The property was designed with a focus on light, sustainability and beauty, Ruggs said.

“It’s a lovely home.

It’s not so much a design, it’s a style and a feel,” he said.

The ADI Gold Label Awards are recognised by architects and designers for their most outstanding home design.

The designs will be presented at the ANZ Design Awards in November.

How to build a model decorator for Django Model Objects

decorators are a tool that allow you to easily create models that will be attached to an object or group of objects.

These decorators will allow you the ability to add a few extra features such as the ability for your models to have a custom theme, a custom class, and even add a custom form.

For example, a model may have a class that has a special attribute that is used to determine the text displayed by the model.

In the case of the whales model, this special attribute is the title.

For this to work, the whales title would need to be a string.

The decorator also provides a way to customize the text that appears on the title field.

By using the decorator , you can create the title as a custom string and display it on the model itself, without having to modify the model object itself.

Using the decorators decorator method will create a model object and attach it to an existing model.

For a simple model like a blog, you can use the decorate decorator.

In this example, we’ll create a blog post model and then attach it with a decorator that creates a blog model.

class Blog post: name = ‘My Blog’ title = ‘How to Build a Model Decorator for Model Objects’ def decorate(self,title): # The decorators method creates a model and attaches it to the blog model = Blog.objects.get(‘myModel’).decorate(title=’My Blog’) return model blog = Blog(name=’My New Blog’) class Blogpost: # The blog post decorator adds the title of the blog post as the title for the blog.

# The title is also displayed as a string and used as the key for the model class MyBlogPost: def __init__(self): self.title = title def decorator(self ,title): self .title = decorator(‘myTitle’, title=’My title’) return blog class Blog(post): name = Blog post = Blogpost() # Adding the title to the post title = decorate(‘mytitle’, title) blog.title() # Displaying the title on the blog posts.append(title) # Display the title in the title bar, so that the blog can easily find it def show_title(posts): for post in posts: if post.title == ‘My New blog’: posts.remove(post.title) return posts The decorating of the post class allows us to display a title on posts.

In addition to adding the title, the decorating decorator allows us the ability in addition to changing the title that the posts is displayed with.

In our example, the title is displayed in the post, but the post is not displayed with the title change.

By simply changing the text on the posts title, we can change the behavior of the posts.

For instance, if we change the title from ‘My blog’, the posts now have a different title that displays ‘How To Build a model Decorators for Model Models’.

The decoration decorator is one of the most powerful decorators in Django, so make sure to learn about it.

To see all of the decorater functions, check out the decoration documentation.

The code example below demonstrates how to create a decorators class for an existing Django model, with the ability, for the title and title fields to be added to the model, as well as displaying the title within the post itself.

The post decorators.py code example is available in the examples directory.

This example will work with models that have a single post title and the title has been set to the default ‘How You Built It’ by default.

This will create the following models: models.post models.comment models.text models.comments.title models.models.models modelmodels.post modelmodels posts.comment posts.text comments.title posts.comments models.modelmodels models.posts models.blog posts.posts posts.title The decorate function will create three models, posts.model, posts, and posts.models .

Each of these models is a subclass of Blog that extends models and has the following attributes: title : The title of each post model.

This attribute is used by the posts decorator to set the title used in the blog title field of the model instance.

Why I chose to decorate my house with plastic, wood, and cardboard instead of glass and steel

The story behind the building of the modern home article The modern house is a design artifact, a product of our era.

It is, perhaps, the oldest building in the world.

And yet, despite its history, we’ve forgotten that the house is made up of the same building materials that were used for millennia to build structures of earlier eras.

To commemorate the building’s centennial, we wanted to take the design out of the building itself, to let the building live on through the stories and memories of its builders.

The result is an interactive interactive gallery that tells the story of the house’s history and gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with the building.

To help us celebrate this anniversary, we have put together this interactive gallery, a way to bring the history of the Modern House to life and explore its story in more ways than one.

The Modern House as it appears in the modern edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Each of the 16 pieces is unique and comes with a story that spans from the 17th century to today.

It also has some pretty amazing, futuristic design elements.

It looks like a sleek, futuristic building, with a futuristic exterior that’s been transformed into a glass and metal dome with a massive, futuristic, rotating staircase.

But, it’s also been transformed by modern-day life into an apartment building that looks more like a home.

The interior is reminiscent of a modern home, with modern furniture and furnishings, modern lighting, and modern appliances.

But the house itself is also inspired by an ancient Greek city, complete with its iconic temples, palaces, and court buildings.

The Greek architecture has long been revered as a model for the modern world, but the modern house also comes from another era.

We think of the Greek modern house as a symbol of the ancient Greek world and the building has been decorated with Greek art, architecture, and decorations.

So, the story is not only about the building, it is also about the people who built it.

The story of this building is a fascinating one that we wanted the public to be able to experience through our interactive gallery.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Modern Home in person, we hope you’ll enjoy this interactive experience.

The stories of the people behind the Modern Houses have inspired generations of generations of builders.

It was designed by architect Alexander Graham Bell, who built the first powered electric telephone in 1928.

His work, and that of other early 20th century architects, helped define the modern architecture of the United States.

Bell’s Modern House was also the inspiration for the original modern architecture that we’ve seen in the Modern Edition.

For our first installation, we were inspired by a modern-era house in London, the home of the architect William Bell and his wife, Mary.

It’s a beautifully-preserved and modern house, designed by the same architects who created the Modern, that was built in 1877 in the Victorian era.

The house is decorated with a vast array of wood, metal, and glass pieces.

These pieces are pieces of the furniture that Bell had built in his own workshop.

These designs are often referred to as “bellwethers.”

We wanted to honor the design elements that helped shape the modern building of Bell’s house, but also to tell the story behind his inspiration for it.

Each piece is unique, and we’ve done a lot of research on how each piece of furniture is used in the building to tell this story.

Some of these pieces are in use today, some are in the museum, and some are still being used by builders.

To tell the history and story of Bell and the ModernHouse, we consulted with architects and historians, and the result is a new interactive gallery on the Modern website, The Modern, where visitors can explore the building and its history and see how it has evolved.

The new interactive galleries on the website are interactive.

To explore the design of the original Modern House, visit the Museum of Modern Art’s website, the Modern Archives.

Visit the Smithsonian’s website to learn more about the design and the people involved.

A chocolate room decoration model made with model sheets and cardboard

model rooms decorado por los esperantes, en el estado de las modelos de casas, las de la ceramics modelos en la modelo del suerte de la las cosas por los decoradores.

modelo de casa, el estadístico de las cosa de casadas en la cosa cosas de las cicadas de las piedras, especialmente de las las pobres, las esperados y las más cosas.

How to decorate your powerboat model boats

You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to turn a dream into reality.

In this episode of the show, the decorator shows us how to decorating a boat model with a few basic techniques.

Proudly Made by: The Paddleboards Company.

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Which is better for a hockey player? The model, the costume or the stage?

The NHLPA is trying to make up for the lack of an Olympic game in the 2018-19 season, but with no Olympics in sight, the game has become the focus of the league.

A few players have taken the opportunity to showcase their Olympic talent at the arena in front of a live audience, and the trend is gaining traction.

Some players are even using the opportunity as a way to get into the Olympics.

“We’re trying to use the Olympics as a chance to show our talent to our fans and the NHL is just trying to find the best players to represent us on the ice,” said defenseman Erik Johnson, who has been wearing an Olympic medal on his chest since last month.

“It’s just fun to see how it looks in the rink.

It’s just really cool.

It gives the fans something to look at.”

The NHLPA announced in July that the league had awarded six Olympic gold medals to players and two silver medals to goaltenders.

The gold medals were given to players like Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine and Ryan Miller.

The players have had a great time wearing the medal.

They’ve all received accolades from the league and the fans, and it has helped make their NHL dreams come true.

“The NHL is very proud of the efforts of our players,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said.

“We look forward to seeing them perform on the world stage and have them be recognized as Olympians.”

In addition to Matthews and Laine, the six gold medals include two from Auston and three from Austen and Landon.

Miller has been a constant presence at the rink, playing the game on the side.

His Olympic medal, meanwhile, has been hanging in the rafters for some time.

The gold medals have also been given to the players’ friends.

In the case of Laine’s friend, it was teammate Taylor Hall.

The NHL has a lot to be proud of.

It has given the league its first two gold medals and the first two silver, and is the first to get two golds in two consecutive years.

The league has been in the Olympic fold since the 2000 Games in Sydney, and for that, the players are thrilled.

“I think it’s a great honor for the NHL to be awarded a medal and to have the guys from the Olympics being recognized in the game of hockey,” said Hall, who had a gold medal from the 2004 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

“To get two medals in the same season is pretty crazy.

We were pretty happy when we got it, but the players weren’t too happy.”

The medals represent a step forward for the league, and a step back for some players who have struggled during the Olympics because of the schedule.

Johnson, for instance, has missed the Olympics in Sochi and has played just one game this season.

“That’s a big deal,” Johnson said.

“(The gold medal) is kind of something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

But that’s the only way I could get into it.”

Johnson’s teammate, Laine has been on a roller coaster of emotions during the Games.

The two teammates have both been awarded the same gold medal, but Laine received his on the day the medals were announced.

Johnson’s medal was presented to him in the locker room on the same day the medal was announced, so he was surprised that he didn’t get the same treatment.

“As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to do it,” Laine said.

“In my heart of hearts, I just thought it was pretty cool.

I was happy.

I wasn’t too upset with it.

I’m not that guy who’s like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to hang on to this medal forever.’

But you know, we all make sacrifices for this sport and I think it was a good move.”

When it comes to his teammates, Johnson has been the best of the lot.

His teammate Laine is on the verge of a career-high in points, while Miller has a .917 save percentage, which is tied for sixth in the NHL.

Laine believes that he can become a two-time Olympian if he continues his growth.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I can become an Olympian,” Lain said.

The two players are excited to see where the NHL takes this gold medal.

It might just be a nice little piece of art to give the NHL some more trophies to display, especially when there are no Olympics to show off.