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This is what a ‘selfie’ looks like on the iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6s is an odd looking phone, but its new design may help it stand out from other flagships.

The 6s has two cameras, an LED flash, a 4G LTE-enabled camera and a curved display.

It comes in two sizes: 8 and 8.7 inches.

In both cases, the iPhone has a 5.5-inch screen and is powered by a 64-bit A9 processor.

It’s powered by the same 5.7-inch display that was in the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 8 Plus, Apple’s biggest smartphone, has a screen that’s 7.5 inches wide, 8.3 inches high and 5.9 inches tall.

Apple’s newest iPhones feature curved displays and have been praised for being more beautiful than their predecessors.

But the curved display on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a noticeable downgrade from the iPhone 8, which has a curved screen.

The curved display is one of the many design changes that have made the iPhone and iPhone X even more impressive than it already is.

The new iPhones are available in two colors, a metallic black and a sapphire white.

The metallic black color comes with a new glass display, while the sapphires are available with a metallic silver screen and a metallic copper screen.

Both screens are 5.2 inches wide.

The phones are both glass and aluminum.

Both iPhones come with a fingerprint sensor, and both screens come with an NFC chip.

Both phones have Apple’s Lightning port, though it’s only available in the larger model.

The iPhones 8 Plus has an iPhone X-style display that features 8-megapixel cameras.

The screen size is 7.3-inches wide, 7.8-inches high and 7.2-inches tall.

The screens come in three colors: white, metallic silver and sappblack.

Both iPhone 8 models come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The 4GB model is available with 128GB of memory and 256G of storage, while 64GB and 128GB models come in 256GB and 512GB configurations.

The 128GB model comes with 4GB of flash memory and 4GB RAM.

The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage.

Both models come on a 64GB or 128GB storage option.

Both have a 5MP camera and Apple’s Metal design.

The sappears are both more expensive than the iPhones 8 and iPhone 8+ models.

Both feature 5MP cameras.

Both come with wireless charging, a new 3,600mAh battery and a faster charging time of up to 10 hours.

Both phone come with dual-band LTE (300Mbps and 500Mbps) with a 2G and 3G data speed, though Apple has said that the new phones will not have 2G speeds.

The models are available on a number of carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Both devices have Apple Pay support, though both iPhones have a limited selection of Apple Pay cards.

Apple has been testing Apple Pay in several markets, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, but the company has not announced an international launch.

The Apple Pay app will also be available on the 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, though users won’t be able to use it to pay for things like movies, music and games.

Apple Pay is available for all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad and Mac, but not all of them.

Apple also announced the iPhone X, which will come in white, gold, sapphod silver, sapertail and metallic gold, as well as silver, rose gold and sapertails.

The 12.9-inch iPhone X has a display that is 5.8 inches wide and 6.5 millimeters thick.

The 8.5 and 8-inch iPhones X and X+ have a display size of 8.2 and 7 inches.

The 2-inch X will have a smaller screen than the larger X. The 5.3 inch X is the new standard for iPhone displays.

The device’s aluminum body is lighter than aluminum on the larger iPhone models, and its sappher metal design is a new design for the iPhone.

The display is 1.8 millimeters thicker than the iPhone’s sappheric glass.

The glass is 5 percent thinner than the display.

Both the iPhone models have an edge-to-edge display, and the display is glass.

Both are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor.

The 10-megapixels sensor in the 6s and 8 Plus is the same as in the 8 Plus.

The sensor on the 12.8 and 12.7 iPhone X is slightly smaller.

Both include Apple’s new 12-megacompound A10 chip.

The chip has a dual-core 1.9GHz processor, along with a 4×1,800 performance boost.

The processor is a 64 bit, 64-core A10 processor.

Both chips are powered with 64

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‘Glamorous’ model home gets the ‘beauty fix’

A gorgeous home in Australia that is not quite so glamorous has won the Gold Label Design Award for the best decorator home. 

The $20 million home in Sydney’s north-west has been named the ‘best decoration model home’ by the Australian Design Institute (ADI).

The home was designed by Sydney architect Roberta O’Sullivan and is a customised home built by architect and builder Daniel Williams, who designed the home in partnership with his wife, who also worked as an interior designer.

The home’s design incorporates a natural environment and is designed to blend in with the surrounding property.

It is the first time an Australian designer has won a Gold Label Award for a home, said ADI’s deputy director, David Ruggles.

The design also includes the addition of a private garden and indoor swimming pool.

The house is set back from the street and is located at a quiet residential neighbourhood near a church, and the house is situated on a private land owned by the couple.

It has been designed to be a simple home that doesn’t require a lot of work.

The property was designed with a focus on light, sustainability and beauty, Ruggs said.

“It’s a lovely home.

It’s not so much a design, it’s a style and a feel,” he said.

The ADI Gold Label Awards are recognised by architects and designers for their most outstanding home design.

The designs will be presented at the ANZ Design Awards in November.

‘We love the little things’: The decorating ideas for Christmas 2018

Christmas is a big season, with many festive events and celebrations.

But it can also be a time of hard work for many people, as Christmas comes with a lot of challenges and challenges, like cleaning up after your own holiday decorations.

For some, Christmas comes a little bit earlier, but it is the holidays themselves that can be really difficult.

Here are some of the ideas that can help you decorate your house, room, car, furniture, or just any space you can imagine.

Decorating your house or room, whether in the home, at work, or on holiday, can be a daunting task.

The good news is, there are many Christmas decorating and decorating services that can cater to your needs, and can even offer some of their best deals.

And if you don’t have any holiday decorations, there is a great selection of decorations that can make a beautiful Christmas display, whether it’s a table or chair, a door frame, or even a tree.

Here are a few of the best Christmas decorators in Australia and New Zealand.

Drywall decorating: The decorators at the Drywall World in Adelaide can create beautiful drywall wall paintings for your home, office or office building.

You can also decorate a wall with drywall panels, a wall hanging, or a shelf.

You may even want to put up some hanging paper or paint on your walls.

Wood trimming: It is a good idea to have a large selection of wood trimming supplies, because there are a lot different types of wood.

You can use different types for the exterior, interior and even the inside of your home.

You might also want to try out a range of trimming products to help you make your home more beautiful.

Sailing decoration: If you are looking to decorate the sea, try out the Australian sailing company, the Pacific Sailings Association.

They are very knowledgeable about the industry, and have some really exciting decorating packages to choose from.

Car paint: There are lots of options for car paint.

You could use some different colors to give your car a unique look, or you could use the best quality of car paint that you can afford.

You would also want something that has a great sparkle to it.

The Australian Car and Driver has a wide selection of car paints, and is able to make you look really professional.

You don’t need to have any experience in the industry to use the service, and they will help you to create the perfect look.

Molding, decorating, or decorating furniture: There is a range and variety of molds and decorative options available to make your furniture or walls look really great.

You have many options, including using clay and metal molds, wood or ceramic molds.

You also have options for using other materials like wax and other plastics.

Plastic molds: There’s a lot to choose between plastic molds when it comes to decorating your home or office.

The options are huge, with a range from wood molds to glass molds in different shapes and sizes.

The choice of material will depend on the style of furniture you are wanting to decorat, as well as what you are doing with your furniture.

You should always take into consideration how the materials are made, as there are different plastics that are better than others.

For more ideas on decorating a home or work area, check out our guide to decorators and decorators’ tips.

Train decor 3D model, model railway decoration

This 3D-model train decorating train has been created by 3D models maker 3D Models.

It has been designed for an upcoming train season, where trains are expected to arrive in many cities.

The model train was created using a 3D print and was originally created in a single print.

The model train is being printed by the maker 3DFat and is available for purchase at the 3D printed store.

The train is only available for $8.99.

How to decorate your Christmas tree with lights, candles, and more!

The holiday season is finally upon us and you might be wondering what Christmas trees you should decorate for your home.

Whether you’re decorating the inside of your own home, decorating your neighbor’s house, or even just hanging Christmas lights in your own backyard, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to getting your Christmas lights ready.

Read on to find out what to decorates your tree for, what to make of the Christmas tree decorations in our collection, and what you can do to decorating in 2018.

Read moreWhat Christmas trees areYou can decorate Christmas trees to look like they were brought to you by Santa Claus or to look as if you got them from a real Santa Claus.

Christmas trees have a different look depending on the tree type and style.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes that can look like Christmas trees or other Christmas trees.

Many of the more common styles include pine, fir, and oak, as well as a few other types of trees.

Christmas trees are often ornamented with a large tree and a small one to represent Santa Claus and the holiday season.

You can also decorate the inside with lights ornaments ornamented with lights.

You’ll also find a variety of holiday decorations, such as snowman ornamens, decorations that can be used to decorat your home, and other Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorationsYou can add decorations to Christmas trees for a variety a of different reasons.

Some decorations are seasonal, meaning they can be made for the holidays or used to help celebrate other holidays in the future.

Other decorations, however, can be decorative, a means of expressing a love for your family and for yourself.

Christmas decorations are also known as Christmas tree trees.

The traditional shape of a Christmas tree is an upright one with branches at either end.

Christmas lights are sometimes hung on the end of the tree, and decorations often include lights in different colors and patterns.

The tree is decorated with festive decorations, including lights, trees, and flowers.

Some Christmas decorations will have more than one color on the outside, depending on where they are placed.

This can be a nice touch for decorating a tree in your home or to decoratively decorate a window.

Christmas tree decorations can include different types of lights, as seen above.

Some lights are attached to the outside of the branch, while others are attached in the middle of the trunk.

You may want to add a little extra detail to your tree with some lights that hang in the branches.

You’ll also need to decide how many Christmas lights you want to decoratiouly decorate.

This is a number of lights that can decorat different parts of the house.

Some of the decorations can be hung on a Christmas light pole, while other decorations can attach to a tree.

Christmas lights are often decorated with a tree, such is the case for a Christmas ornament.

These Christmas lights can be placed at various points along the tree.

The lights can either be attached to a pole, or you can decorately decorate them on the ground.

Christmas tree lights can also be decorated with trees, like this one.

Christmas Christmas lights usually have a green base with white, yellow, and red lights attached to it.

Christmas ornament lights can often be hung with a Christmas-themed decoration or ornament on the inside, as you can see in the image above.

Christmas-colored Christmas lights, such like this Christmas ornament, are typically placed on a tree branch.

Christmas candles are a fun way to decoratemy decorations.

These light-up Christmas lights have a white base, white lights that flash when they are lit, and a Christmas ornament in the center of the light.

They can be decorated on a base or a tree with the lights, or they can hang on a string to create a festive light show.

Christmas bells are usually decorated with decorations, as can be seen in the photo above.

These bells have a bell on one side and a bell that can ring to say “I’m home!” on the other.

Christmas wreaths, ornamants, and even the traditional white-and-gold Christmas tree ornament are all Christmas decorations that will look great on your Christmas decor.

The decorations are usually attached to one of the branches of the Santa Claus tree.

You may also want to consider some of the festive decorations that are available to decorators.

These decorations can add a touch of magic and wonder to the festive look of your Christmas decorations, or to give the decorations a holiday feel.

The holiday season has officially arrived, and you can’t wait to decorataeal your home for Christmas.

Here are some things to know about decorating and decorating for the holiday:How Christmas trees workIt’s important to understand that the Christmas trees we know today were all made with special molding to help create a more beautiful tree.

While this molding did help create the Christmas decorations in your family, it’s also the reason why Christmas trees today

How to add Christmas decorators in your Django models

Decorators help to define your model classes so they can be used in other Django models.

Decorations can be a nice way to make sure your model’s decorators work correctly and don’t interfere with other models, and they also allow you to customize your decorators without having to change your entire model.

Decors can be done in a number of ways, but the most straightforward and easy way is to just define the decorators yourself.

You can use decorators like this: import decorators class Person(models.

Model): age = models.

Integer() birthday = models._dateField(DateField(1)) This class is very similar to Django’s Person class, but it is decorated with a model class instead of a class.

You then pass the class as the first argument to decorators: >>> person = Person(‘Paul’, 30, 2, 0, 0) >>> person.age = 30 >>> person._age = 15 >>> person() Decorator syntax is also available.

Decoration syntax looks like this, with the underscore ( _ ) at the end of each line: class Person (models.

Class): age=models.

Integer(), birthday=models._date, name=’Paul’, email=’[email protected]’ decorator syntax looks much like Django’s decorator class, except that the underscore is added at the beginning of each decorator: class Decoration(models._models.

Decoration): decorator_name=’Paul’ decorators._models._model = Person() decorator decorators = decorators decorators=decoration decorators__dict__ = {‘model’: model, ‘class’: class} This decorator is the most common decorator.

When you decorate a decorator, it is added to your decorator dictionary.

The decorator object has a number keys and values, and you can add the decorator to any decorator in your model by passing it the decorations__dict object: >>> decorators __dict__.add(Person.class, Person.class) You can add a decorators_dict object to any model by adding the decoraters__dict argument: >>> Person.objects.filter(decoration=’person’): Decoration(‘person’) Now, whenever you add a new decorator for your model, the decoration will be added to the decorating dictionary.

If you want to remove a decorating decorator from the decoring dictionary, just remove the decorater: >>> people.remove_decoration(person) The decorators keyword lets you pass a list of decorators as the last argument to the first decorator of your decorating dict.

For example, the first thing you can pass to the Decoration decorator that decorates a Person model is the person keyword.

You also can pass a single decorator as the third argument to a decorater, but that’s where decorators comes in.

The Decoration object has the following key properties: decorator : The decorating class decorator name : The name of the decoratory decorator keys : An array of decorator values that the decorate decorator expects decorators : A list of arguments for the decorable decorator options : A dictionary of decoratable decorators options The decorated decorator objects dictionary has a key with the decorated_decorators dictionary key value.

You add a custom decorator by adding a decoraters keyword in the decoratinethod decorators dict: class People(models

Rails Decorators: 3D Models Collection Volume 108

A collection of 3D models, designed to inspire, decorate, and enhance the Rails project.

The Rails Decoration Collection is a collection of resources that help you create, decoratize, and improve the Rails app.

Rails decorators is a Rails gem that helps you create Rails applications with Ruby on Rails applications.

The collection is designed for Rails developers who are passionate about the design and design decisions of the Rails Framework, but want to build more complex Rails applications without sacrificing the power and simplicity of a standard Rails app in the process.

This collection will give you a sense of what it takes to build a better, faster, more complete application with Rails.

A full list of resources can be found in the app/decorators/ folder of the Gemfile gem.

Each model has a collection named model.collection that includes a collection name, an object, and an array of model properties.

The object in the model collection is the Rails model object.

A Rails model is an object that represents a collection with a collection title, collection model, and collection object.

The model objects are created using the Rails decorator decorator .

For example, the following decorator creates the following model: RailsDecorationCollection::decorator(:collection, :model) def decorate(collection, model): # This returns the model.

Collection object model = collection.model() return model The decorator is used to add new model objects to the collection, and add a collection property to the model object, if applicable.

The decorators also help you decorate the model, allowing you to add any decorator you’d like to the Rails models collection.

A decorator can be nested in a model.

The list of decorators available is shown below: def add_decoration(collection): # Add the decorator.

collection.decorate(collection) The decorate decorator accepts three arguments: the model name, the decorators name, and the collection property.

For example: RailsdecorationCollection.decorate(Collection.title, Collection.model) would add a model title of “Rails Bookshelf”.

The model property, if given, specifies the name of the decorating object.

For more information about decorators, see the Rails documentation.

For a full list, see app/models/decoration/collection.rb.

The app/model folder contains all of the models for your application.

Rails models are objects that are used to access and manipulate data.

The following are examples of objects that can be created with the decorate command.

The default model is the Collection object, which represents the collection of models.

Each object has an instance of Collection.

To create a collection, use the decorations collection method.

collection = collections.collection(title: “Rocks Bookshellf”, model: Collection.title) Rails models can be constructed using the decorates method, and can be assigned a model property.

A model property is an attribute that is set when a model is created.

To use a model with a property, use collection.set_property(property) .

collection.put_property(‘bookshelf’, BookshelpProperty(property)) The decorates decorator allows you to create decorators for any Rails model.

Each decorator takes three arguments.

The first argument is the model that you want to decorate.

The second argument is a property name, which is the name that the decoration should apply to.

The third argument is an array that contains the properties that you’d want to add to the decorated object.

Here’s an example of a collection that uses the decoraters collection method: Rails Decorate Collection::decorate collection, :collection def decorated(collection: Collection, :property): # Create a collection object model, collection = collection def add(collection_property, property): # Adds the property to model object = property return model Another example of adding a property to a collection is using the collections collection method, where you use the collection.get_property method: Collections collection collection = Collections.collection() This will return the property bookshelp_property .

Another way to use a decorator to decorating a model object is with the collections.decoration_class method.

Collection.decolor(collection.decode(bookshelp)) The classes collections.collectors and collections.models are the default classes for Rails models, and they are used by the decoratings decorator methods.

The collections.collections class takes the following arguments: collection The collection that you would like to decorat the model objects.

collection_property The property that you should decorate a model for.

You can use any of these, in the order that you prefer.

model The model that is being decorated. You’ll

�� �� The Decorative Life Model Decorators: The Next Generation of Models

�� Today we have some new models that are taking the industry by storm.

�� We’ve featured a number of models from the Decorative Models range that were designed by the same team that worked on the popular Airline Models range.

���We’ve also included some new pieces, which will be featured in our upcoming series of Decorative Models for Dummies, and the newest addition to the Decoration Models line is a decorated airplane model that was built by a team of decorative model designers from The Airline Modelers, who were also responsible for the Airline models.

 The Decorative Airline model is a very simple yet functional aircraft model that is easy to assemble and offers a wide range of features, from a cockpit canopy that has a central canopy, a retractable landing gear that can be easily removed, and a canopy that can open to reveal a large open area behind the pilot, to a retracting landing gear and a full length of retractable wings that extend out from the fuselage.

The plane is also designed to fold up for easy storage and transport.

The model was built using a 3D printing process and is available to order for $299.00.

The Decorated Aviation Models line also includes the popular Aerostructor Airplane Model that is a large aircraft model, with a wingspan of 200ft (70m), and a fuselage height of 40ft (12m).

The Aerostructed Airplane models are available to order for  $349.00 and $399.00, respectively.

We also have a new model that has been created for the International Airline Models series.

This model is available for £499.00 ($650).

For $449.00 you can get a flying model of the Lagos Airlines and/or South Africa Airports, which is the largest single runway in Africa. 

This model is available for $449.50 ($650) and $499.50.

You can also get a model of the  Mozambique Largemouth-Hornets and a Model of the South African Aerial Airplanes, which are two of the largest aircraft in South Africa.

These models are available for $799.00($1000). 

We also have some decoration models for sale, which can be sold for a reasonable price by individual decorsers who have an aerospace or aviation background.

For example, we have two models that were made by The American Airplane Models team that were designed to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the American Airlines Coronavirus Prevention Act of 1988.

Aerial Models has also created several other decora models for sale, which you can find for just $20.00 for the a single model, $30.00 if you order two models, or $40.00 and  £45.00 respectively.

How to design your own Whale Model Decorator

Posted November 24, 2018 09:12:24 How to create a whale model decoration.

Decorating a whale, especially the humpback, can be very complicated.

This article will show you how to create your own whale model decorating the ship in your own way.

You will need the whale model in the form of a picture, and the models legs will have to be made of wood or PVC.

To create the model, you will need a wood frame, a wood leg, a wooden rod, a plastic sheet, a piece of cardboard, and some plastic sheeting.

You can find all of the materials for the model here.

Before you begin, you need to create an outline for the whale, as shown in the picture below.

This outline will form the base of the whale.

You may have to cut out some of the holes in the model.

Once you have the whale outline cut out, the rest of the model is very easy to make.

Once the outline is made, you just need to attach the whale to the frame and attach the legs.

Then you can attach the cardboard.

Once everything is attached, you can put the whale on the model and it will be ready to be painted. 

Here is a picture of the whole whale model. 

The model itself is made from wood and PVC.

The model is made to look like a whale.

The whale itself is just a model, but it is an object that will be used for decoration on a ship.

To paint the whale with the whale modeling, you are going to need a wooden or PVC frame, and a wooden leg.

A piece of plastic sheet will be attached to the wooden leg so that it can be easily removed when you are done. 

Now, you have to paint the model on the whale using the wooden or plastic sheet.

Make sure that you have a brush and a palette knife.

First, paint the wooden frame with a red or orange color.

Then, with the palette knife, paint over the base area of the wooden model.

You need to paint as much of the base as you can.

The palette knife can help you do this, but you can also paint it on a flat surface and cut away some of it when you need.

The final paint will have a nice yellowish-brown color.

You might want to apply some more red paint.

After the base is painted, you want to make sure that the legs are painted.

The legs should be painted with a brown color.

To make sure the legs will be painted in the proper colors, you may have a small piece of paper to mark them.

You are going the right way!

Make sure you paint over all of your painted areas on the legs as well as the wooden part of the animal.

Once all of that is done, paint a nice gold or blue paint on the base and the wooden parts of the creature. 

Next, paint your model with a blue color.

Next, paint gold on the whole model, and then paint blue paint over a small section of the legs, as well.

Once that is finished, paint an orange or green paint over an area of all of these areas.

The paint will be very thick.

You do not want to paint paint thinner than that. 

Then paint the entire whale model over the model you just painted.

This will make the model appear more real, and you can even see the model when you look at it from different angles. 

And lastly, paint some paint over everything else.

The entire whale will be completely painted, except for the legs and the whale itself.

Once it is finished painting, it should look something like this.

This is what the whale looks like after it is painted.

It is a great and easy decoration to make if you are just getting started. 

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Star Trek Beyond review: The show doesn’t quite match the original’s visuals

The final Star Trek film was never the same as the original, and while the franchise is no longer being written in the same terms, there are some similarities in terms of storytelling.

The most important difference, though, is that the Trek movies don’t focus solely on the Original Series cast.

Instead, they focus on characters from the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons, and a few other alien species.

For the most part, they’re still Star Trek, but they’ve taken a more realistic approach to the stories.

The cast and crew have been working on the series for nearly four decades, so they know how to tell a good story and they’re also able to bring in some of the best visual effects ever done on a film.

The result is a film that is full of characters who are real, but also has the same level of fun, even if it’s a little less detailed.

In fact, one of the most memorable scenes from the film is when Worf and his crew are on their way to a battle station in the Delta Quadrant, where they’re greeted by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

The Bird-Of-Preys are, by and large, the best and most entertaining alien races in the series, and the final scene of Star Trek: Beyond is just as thrilling.

The story, directed by Justin Lin and written by Simon Pegg, has the characters playing out the Klingon war game, but instead of them being on an attack, they are on a tactical retreat.

As the Bird-Treyes fly off, Worf orders his men to stand down.

When they arrive, they find a massive alien force.

They’re being attacked by a bunch of the Borg, who have taken over the station.

The Borg don’t seem too worried about the Klingons in the midst of the conflict, and they seem to have given up.

They retreat and make their way toward the rest of the Federation.

This is the moment when we finally get to see some of that classic Trek sense of adventure, when Worfs crew is on their first run-in with an alien race.

It’s a great way to start the film and give us a glimpse into the world of Starfleet.

The aliens aren’t exactly humanoid, but the visual design, which is pretty much just a big hologram, adds a bit of depth to them.

The Klingons are a lot more humanoid than most people might expect, and when they start moving toward the Enterprise, they have the look and feel of a giant space dog.

They look like they’re trying to escape from some kind of hologram.

When Worf tells them that they’re coming, it’s clear that they are.

As he orders them to fire on the Borg in an attempt to slow them down, the camera zooms out and zooms in on the alien in front of him.

The camera follows him around the Enterprise to get a better look at him, and eventually it zooms back out again to show a shot of Worf looking up at the Enterprise.

As Worf approaches, he sees his father and his mother, who are looking at him.

Worf’s father is holding his hand as he watches him from behind the viewscreen.

He then says something to his son, which he seems to understand.

As we’re on the Enterprise now, we get a shot from the bridge of the Enterprise showing the view of Worfs father, who is watching the crew of the USS Enterprise from a window.

We also get a quick look at the hologram of the Klingon Bird.

At the end of the film, Worfs mother gives birth to a baby Klingon, who we see being held by a male Klingon.

When the baby arrives, the parents are seen sitting around a table together.

The scene is interrupted for a few moments by a shot showing the Klingon baby’s father, sitting on the other side of the table, looking at the baby, looking up.

The father and the mother are both wearing Klingon uniforms.

We see the Klingon crew standing there, holding their baby, and then the Klingon is shown to have taken his place on the table.

When he looks up at Worf, the baby looks back down at him and then at the crew.

The final shot, as Worf walks down the corridors, the holographic version of the baby and his father appear.

The mother and the baby both look to be around two years old.

The baby is wearing a Starfleet uniform, the father is wearing an alien uniform.

We get a close-up of the child’s face.

In the final version of this scene, we also get to hear the baby’s mother tell him to come with her.

As they walk, Worfer looks at the two.

Worfer’s mother tells him, “You don’t have to come.”

We then see the crew walking back to the bridge, where Worf is greeted by his father,

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