How to create a new fashion look in 5 minutes

Get ready to get a new look on your face, as we explain how to style your nails and the basics of the nail salon.1.

Remove your makeupFirst up, grab your eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, mascara and some hairspray.

You can use these to create an accent or create a pop of color if you want to go a more subtle look.

You can also use this time to take your time and do a quick swatch or a quick touch up on your nail.

You may have noticed in the video that the hairbrush is quite small and the brush is made of nylon and plastic.

These are very small brushes and can easily be easily brushed on your skin or on your nails.2.

Remove the top layer of makeupWhen you’re done with the makeup, you can remove the top layers of makeup and the top coat.

You should take your nails out of the top of the tube and place them in a clean, dry place.

Do not use makeup remover on your fingers or any sensitive skin areas.3.

Apply the topcoatThe topcoat is a thin, water-based formula that you apply to the outside of your nail as you apply your nail polish.

You apply this topcoat to the inside of your nails using your fingers, but you can also apply it on your wrist and other areas.

Apply it evenly and let it dry.

You might want to apply it in small pieces, which helps with the look you want.4.

Apply your foundationApply your foundation to the area you’re going to be applying your manicure to.

You will need to use a foundation brush to apply the foundation, but don’t use your fingers.

Apply a thin layer of foundation, as thin as you can, and let the rest dry.5.

Apply concealerTo finish off the look, you should apply concealer to the nail.

Apply this to the entire nail to blend in the color and make the look more subtle.

You could also apply concealers to your lower nails, if you’re too lazy to apply concealive powder.6.

Apply bronzerThe last step is to apply your eyeshadow.

This is important as it will blend in your makeup to create the illusion of a natural look.

The best way to apply eyeshadows is to brush them onto your eyelashes.

Brush them into your eyes, which should be slightly angled to create that natural look, but if you don’t have any angle in your eyes you can apply them as a blur to create it.

You’ll want to make sure your eyes are completely opaque and don’t allow your eyelids to open, so that they can be seen through the shadows.

Follow the same steps as with the top coats.7.

Finish your manicuresTo finish your manicurist’s manicures, you need to take a swipe at your nails with your fingertips and make sure the tip of your finger doesn’t touch your nail when you finish the manicure.

This will allow the shadow to set and allow your nail to fade into the shadows and create a natural looking look.

The tips in this video are just some of the basics that you’ll need to get started with nail styling.

Let us know what tips you think in the comments.

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