‘We’re not interested in buying apartments,’ says the owner of a Sydney apartment with a train model on it

I’m sure you’ve seen this model train before.

A train with a model sitting on it?

I doubt it.

But this time, the owners of a new, modern Sydney apartment are taking it a step further, offering a glimpse of what a train will look like if the owners ever get around to buying it.

The train is on the move The apartments at 16 Victoria Street in the Sydney CBD have an expansive living space, but it’s not just the location of the train that makes this an impressive building.

It’s the interior of the building itself.

The living room is made from white brick, while the dining room has an old-school kitchen that will look familiar to anyone who has seen a train on a track before.

It’s the same kind of space that the original train has used since its debut in 1908, with a fireplace in the living room and the dining area on the second floor, with two small bedrooms upstairs.

In the living rooms, the walls are covered in a dark brown wallboard that was originally used for a wooden bench, but the interior has been decorated in a modern, contemporary way with an art deco style.

The kitchen has been given a modern twist with a stainless steel stove, while there’s a TV in the dining and kitchen areas, with large flat-screen televisions.

“We’re really interested in having the model train in the apartments, so we want it to be something that people can actually look at and appreciate,” said Christine Lacey, who is buying the apartment.

This is the same model train model from the 1904 and 1908 Olympic games that is on display at Sydney Opera House, as part of the Opera House’s International Railway and Museum series.

Lacey and her husband, Michael Lacey of Sydney, bought the apartment in March and plan to display the train model in the apartment, which is expected to open later this year.

When it does, Lacey said, they want to make sure that it looks like it would look in a train station.

She said she wants the train to look like something you could find in any train station, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge station, which has a train with its own model train that has been in use for the past 100 years.

“[I want] to show people how it’s really meant to be, so that they can actually enjoy it and enjoy the train,” she said.

Michael Lacey’s sister is also interested in the train.

She’s interested in trains as well as the Victorian and International Railway Museum.

You can see more of Christine Lace’s photographs at the Victorian Railway Museum on Facebook.