‘Amarillo is like a family’ for kids

The house where the young Marielle Grosjean and her husband live was decorated by local artist Tzvi Ofer, who said he felt “a connection to the city and the people who live there.”

“I think it is an experience that is very unique to Marieland,” he said, “that is an authentic experience.”

Ofer said he is the owner of a local home decor business, and is the creative director of an art gallery called the ‘Marieland Home.’

The couple’s house is an inspiration for many children who are growing up in the area, Ofer said.

“It is a very unique house that is designed with an American and European look, and it was inspired by my own family and my grandparents.

It’s something that they would be proud of.”

Marielas residents are encouraged to spend their holidays in the town, which has a population of about 20,000.

Amarillos mayor has said that he hopes to expand the town’s tourist appeal.

“I am hoping that with Marielas being the largest tourist destination in Israel, it will help attract more people to Marias,” he told Haaretz.

“And I hope that we can increase the tourism and the activity of our local community.”

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