When does it start to get boring? The end of an era, with the final nail in the coffin

By now, it’s no secret that most Americans are bored.

The American economy, after all, is a shambles.

And as our nation has continued to grow and become more and more powerful, it has become increasingly apparent that the United States is now heading toward an endgame.

The end of the Cold War is coming, and the end of any meaningful dialogue with the rest of the world is fast approaching.

This is a critical time for America.

As a nation, we have lost our way, and now it is time for a change.

The last time we saw the world so completely disarray was during the final months of the last century, and we are in a very dangerous position.

We are at a turning point.

The United States has lost the moral high ground and is facing a global power shift that will fundamentally alter the way we see the world.

It is time to move on, to move forward.

The first step toward that goal is to change the way Americans think.

If we want to truly advance the ideals of freedom, democracy and human rights, we need to change our behavior.

We need to wake up and recognize that we are no longer on the path toward global freedom and democracy.

The world is changing.

And the global economy is increasingly moving toward a different future.

The American people are increasingly turning against the status quo.

They are demanding a different kind of politics.

They want a government that is responsive to their needs and concerns.

They believe the future belongs to all of us, and they want to see a government of, by, and for the people.

This is not the same world that we live in.

It’s a world where a few wealthy families can buy the votes of a whole generation of people.

We have a long way to go.

The next step is to make sure that we recognize this reality and move forward with our vision for a more prosperous and just world.

I have no doubt that the last year will be one of the most challenging years of my life.

As President, I will try to work tirelessly to lead the country in a positive direction.

I will be a relentless advocate for American values, but I will also stand up for American citizens wherever they are, no matter what their race, gender or income.

I promise to uphold the law, defend our Constitution and support our people when they are at risk of being attacked.

I will be ready to stand up to those who are trying to harm our values, our democracy and our way of life.

I have no choice.

But the future is uncertain.

And so is our place in the world, and there is no place for complacency.

America must continue to lead in a way that is in the best interest of the American people, and in the interest of our children.

We will not take back the world or let the world take us back.

We must never, ever let the threat of global conflict take over.

We know that we cannot let this happen.

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