What the Rockets will wear to the Warriors in Golden State, July 26

The Rockets have been trying to keep pace with the Warriors with a few new pieces on the runway, including the revamped Rocket model and a pair of new shorts.

The Rockets will debut the Rockets model at the league’s annual media day at the Toyota Center on July 26.

The Rockets model features a red, gold and white color scheme that includes a white and blue color palette, while the shorts have a black and gold color scheme.

The jersey is also a red and white jersey.

The team will wear its “W” logo on the left shoulder of the shorts, while on the right, the Rockets logo is featured.

The “W,” “W+,” “R” and “R+” logo is also featured on the shorts.

The new shorts are the Rockets’ second of two designs they’ve been testing at media day.

The other is the updated Rockets, which the Rockets unveiled during their media day presentation in February.

The two shorts are also available at other retailers.

The rest of the Rockets uniform lineup will be unveiled on the court July 26 during the NBA’s All-Star break.

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