‘Life Model Decor’ creator to open his own fashion boutique next year

By David B. Hill | 11.21.16 at 6:35 p.m.

PDT The creator of the popular life model fashion brand, “Life Model Dresses” and her “Dresses of Love” apparel line is launching a new apparel line.

“Dress of Love,” launched on Jan. 17, is designed for both fashion designers and the masses who want to dress up like their favorite Disney princesses or Star Wars character.

It features an assortment of dresses that are inspired by fashion, food, art and life.

The brand is a new take on traditional dresses, with a simple, but chic style.

“The way the dress is made, the way it’s made and the way you can customize it to your personal style and your taste is what’s really inspired me,” says designer Laura Nussbaum, who created “Dressing of Love.”

Nussbah said her goal with the new line was to create something that “can really stand out from the crowd, so it can appeal to different tastes and different generations.”

She says the goal was to reach out to a wider audience that would have traditionally seen the Disney Princess dresses as something that only existed in Disney catalogues.

“If I can do something for people that they’re not necessarily familiar with and can get them to see it as something they might not even be aware of before,” she said, “then it’s going to be a really powerful thing for them to think about.”

Nusbah said the line is aimed at women and young people who are looking for something a little more modern, which is why she chose to design it with a contemporary design aesthetic.

The line is inspired by the Disney princess dresses and the Disney movies and TV shows.

Nussba said she has wanted to make dresses since she was a child, and her dad wore one of her favorite dresses, the “Snow White Dress,” when she was little.

The dress has become so popular that she said she got to keep the dress and she’s always wanted to design something with the Disney motifs.

“There’s so much of Disney, so many of these characters that we love,” Nussbach said.

“And I just wanted to create a collection of those princess dresses that would be the right combination for the person who is into those characters.”

Nausbah says she has already created a couple of pieces for the line, but she will soon expand the collection with more dresses that look more contemporary.

“I’m going to create one for my own daughters, and then I will work on my own and hopefully start creating some other pieces for them as well,” she added.

Nusba said the inspiration for the brand came from the idea of Disney princess outfits.

“It’s just the concept that there are all these Disney princess characters and there’s this Disney dress that everyone has,” she explained.

“You can wear this dress, and it’s so popular, and there are so many dresses that you can buy.”

Nucahba said her inspiration for a new line came from her own life as a young child, when she grew up in California.

“In my mom’s house, I used to wear a dress called the ‘Snow White dress,'” she said.

The Disney princess dress, she said was her favorite dress in the house.

“Because it’s the best-selling dress, it was very popular, so I used it as my dress of choice,” she recalled.

Nucahs love Disney princess clothes and she says the dresses are inspired, in part, by the films.

“They are very different than what you might see in the movies.

They are all about what you see in real life,” she told MTV News.

“For example, the Disney dress has a different style, and in the film, there’s a different kind of Disney.”

Nunsbah said one of the things she learned as a child was that Disney princess clothing was not just for women.

“Disney princess dresses were meant for women, and for men, as well.

There was a Disney dress for men,” she laughed.

Nunsbahs favorite Disney character is the Disney character Snow White.

“So it’s very important to me to make my own clothes that are different than anything that they have made,” she says.

Nuccahbahs collection also includes other Disney princess costumes.

Nuncahbah says she’s planning to include other Disney characters in her line, including “Tulip Girl,” the Disney Cinderella, “Tiny Belle,” and the “Beauty and the Beast” character, which has been a big hit in recent years.

Nuckbahs most favorite Disney film is the “Frozen” film series.

To be able to wear this [Disney] dress and be able wear it for my daughters and to have it be something that they could wear

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