Why are people so happy to buy designer furniture?

The average home buyer today will spend more than $6,000 on a home remodel, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The average purchase of new furniture is $2,600.

But what makes the price tag so high?

Well, there’s the $50,000 plus in taxes, which can add up quickly.

The other factor is the high cost of labor, according the National Home Builders Association.

Home builders and remodelers spend more on labor than on design, according a 2012 survey by the association.

A home is typically built to last three to five years, but some people spend longer than that, and some builders and designers use tools and equipment that can last for years.

But it’s important to note that not all homes can be renovated.

A new home needs to be tested for asbestos, fire safety and water quality before it is renovated.

It can cost more than a home that hasn’t been renovated, and it will take a significant amount of money.

According to the Association of Home BuildERS, remodeling and renovation costs are the most common reason for homeowners to skip the remodeling process.

In addition, remodel costs vary based on where the home is located and the type of remodel.

The National Association says home remodeling is expensive because of the additional work that must be done to complete a home.

That means the home owner must get the help of experts and spend more money to do a good job.