How to design a railway ornament?

Next Big Futures, an interactive platform designed by the UK’s Future Fund, has unveiled its newest research, which looks at how people can design their own railways for the future.

The platform was created using a unique 3D-printed model of the world’s railways, and is designed to look like a railway carriage, with each train car having a distinctive shape and a distinctive interior.

The Future Fund’s Next Big Innovation is a unique programme which helps companies to transform the way they work and think about their future.

“The Future Foundation is a group of businesses, which is the largest of its kind in the world, that are committed to making technology accessible to everyone,” Future Fund CEO Chris Firth said.

“We want to make the future better, not worse, and we think the future is for everyone.”

The platform includes the world-first ‘train car’ design, which consists of a ‘tapered’ model of a railway train that can be carved into the ground and built to any shape.

“It’s not a simple car to make, it’s more like a house with a roof,” Future Foundation director of digital design, Robyn Smith, told Next Big.

“This is a way to build a model train with an extra layer of detail, so you can build it and then cut it out and you can have a train.”

Firth said it would be possible to design and build railways for a number of different applications, from building homes, for example, to transport freight to remote areas.

“There are a lot of different scenarios for this kind of thing, from train stations to tunnels to the internet of things,” he said.

Future Fund is currently working on a platform that would be used to make mobile apps and IoT devices, and it will also be releasing an app called ‘Next Big Future’ that lets people design and create their own railway designs.

Future Future will be launching its Next Big Innovations platform on November 8, with the first 10 trains being built in 2019.

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