Why do people decorate their cakes with a picture of a man’s penis?

The UK is home to a huge population of penis cake decorators, but they’ve also created a huge amount of other bizarre cakes.

The bizarre cakes have become a trend in the UK, with men taking to social media to share photos of their creations.

One photo shows a man holding a cake decorated with a penis on his penis, and another shows a woman holding one on her penis.

Others are even taking to Reddit to show off their creations, with users posting photos of cakes that display men with their genitalia.

Some cake decorator have claimed that their creations are for “love and respect”, but some men have questioned the legitimacy of their work.

One man, who goes by the name ‘Majordomo’, posted a photo of a cake with a man with his genitals on top of a woman’s vagina.

He said: “This cake is for love and respect and the love and support of my fiancee.

I wanted to do something for the love of God.

I’m sorry for my fiance and I will make this up to her and the whole family.”

Some of the most popular cakes featured on Reddit include one featuring a man and a woman in a “gay pride” ceremony, another featuring a couple with their genitals painted on, and a man kissing a woman on her anus.

“This is my very first cake,” a user named ‘TheCakesCake’ wrote on Reddit.

“I had a great time doing this cake.

I love it so much.

Thank you.”

Others said they were happy with the cakes they created, although they would love to see more men decorate them.

“I was excited for it to be a gay pride cake and it’s turned out that the cake is more for gay pride than a straight pride cake,” ‘Cakeboy’ said.

“It’s been really fun for me.

I’d like to see a more diverse cake mix.

It’s so funny.”

Some have even asked for the removal of their cakes from their Instagram account, saying that their work has been made more difficult by the fact that they are men.

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