How to get your children to take selfies (and a bit more)

When your kids start to use Instagram, you may be worried about the safety of their privacy, but a new study has found that taking selfies with your child can be a good thing, because it may help them learn to take photos of themselves and share them with the world.

The researchers studied 434 US school children between ages 7 and 12 who were participating in a pilot study at the University of Iowa.

They found that children who had taken selfies were able to better identify objects and people in their school environment.

They were also able to take more photos and videos and to more accurately identify objects, which in turn made them more likely to be more successful at learning from other children.

“Our findings suggest that children may benefit from a positive interaction with others, which can in turn lead to learning,” lead researcher Professor Michael Belsky said in a press release.

“Teachers can be particularly good at facilitating this kind of positive interactions with their students, and this may help the child learn how to take better pictures of themselves.”

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